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2016 Campaign Connection

Your roundup of the 2016 Presidential Campaign from PBS, NPR and across public media. Connecting you to in-depth reporting and analysis on the candidates and the issues this election year.

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Reporting on Immigration

Supreme Court weighs bond hearings for detained immigrants
PBS NewsHour

Supreme Court weighs bond hearings for detained immigrants

The Supreme Court debated whether the government can detain immigrants indefinitely without providing hearings in which they could argue for their release.

Sessions, Trump AG pick, could influence immigration policy

Sessions, Trump AG pick, could influence immigration policy

mmigration laws are enforced by other agencies, but the Justice Department plays a crucial role in setting the policies and legal underpinnings that shape the system.

DACA ‘dreamers’ fear nightmare immigration policy
PBS NewsHour

DACA ‘dreamers’ fear nightmare immigration policy

Will Donald Trump repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy?

Concerned Catholic bishops ask Trump for humane immigration policies

Concerned Catholic bishops ask Trump for humane immigrati...

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops on Monday urged President-elect Donald Trump to adopt humane policies toward immigrants and refugees.


Trump promises to block funding to sanctuary cities

As part of his 100-day action plan, President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to block all federal funding to sanctuary cities.


What immigration reform means to small businesses

Donald Trump has promised on the campaign trail that he would crack down on undocumented immigrants and would reform visa rules.


How Clinton and Trump's immigration policies line up for ...

A breakdown of how the two top candidates for president have proposed to address immigration with a special focus on what it could mean for Asians and Asian Americans.

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