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2016 Campaign Connection

Your roundup of the 2016 Presidential Campaign from PBS, NPR and across public media. Connecting you to in-depth reporting and analysis on the candidates and the issues this election year.

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NPR Election Coverage

Reporting on Criminal Justice

Trump vs. Clinton: Criminal justice reform

Trump vs. Clinton: Criminal justice reform

Where do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton currently stand on issues such as police brutality and mass incarceration?

Virginia governor restores voting rights for 13,000 felons

Virginia governor restores voting rights for 13,000 felons

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has again restored the voting rights of about 13,000 felons after his previous attempt was blocked by the state’s Supreme Court.


Clinton steps up call for criminal justice reform after D...

Hillary Clinton on Friday condemned the deadly attack in Dallas that killed five police officers, while urging the public to engage in a deeper dialogue about race and gun violence


Is killing a police officer a hate crime?

Louisiana in May became the first state to add police to the list when it passed “Blue Lives Matter” legislation.

PBS NewsHour

An inside look at Obama’s criminal justice reforms

Top senators revealed a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill on Thursday.

Reporting on Drug Abuse

DEA rejects attempt to loosen federal restrictions on marijuana

DEA rejects attempt to loosen federal restrictions on mar...

The Obama administration has denied a bid by two Democratic governors to reconsider how it treats marijuana under federal drug control laws.

Presidential candidates confront obstacles to opioid addiction

Presidential candidates confront obstacles to opioid addi...

One major problem is accessing treatment when someone who needs it is ready to receive it.

Interactive Map | Drug Mortality Rate

Explore the interactive map below to investigate how drug mortality rate varies by area, using data from 2014. The map is produced by Patchwork Nation.

Let's talk!

Which candidate do you think has the best policies on drug abuse?

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New York NOW | Podcasts

DiNapoli Discusses Procurement Reform

Earlier this week another feud between Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli...

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki analyzes the 2016 Presidential Race.
Investigative journalist Wayne Barrett reflects on his decades covering Donald Trump.
Clinton and Cruz visit upstate; discussion of newly-enacted state budget.
What does Trump's ascension in the presidential race mean for the State Republican party?
Revisit Hillary Clinton's first run for public office in 2000.