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The Effect of Color

Color is one of the fundamental elements of our existence, and defines our world in such deep ways that its effects are nearly imperceptible. It intersects the worlds of art, psychology, culture, and more, creating meaning and influencing behavior every step of the way. Most fascinating are the choices we make, both subconsciously and consciously, to use color to impact each other and reflect our internal states. Whether in the micro-sense with the choice of an article of clothing, or the macro-sense where cultures on the whole embrace color trends at the scale of decades, color is a signifier of our motives and deepest feelings.

Women and STEM education at UAlbany Nanocollege with Girls Inc.

Reporter Marie Cusick discusses STEM education efforts.

Watch Math in Fashion

Get the Math - Math in Fashion

Watch Math in Fashion with Chloe Dao

Build Things with Design Squad

Build a Rubber Band Car with Design Squad Nation

Build a Rubber Band Car | Design Squad

Idea Channel questions whether math is "real" or a feature of human creation.
Early Math Milestones

Early Math Milestones

Make math fun for your little one with these activities, games, and milestone guide.

U.S. Wind Power On Course To Grow Big

U.S. Wind Power On Course To Grow Big

The Department of Energy says wind power is poised to become one of the country's largest sources of energy.

#RaceOnTech: How An Early Love Of Math Led Her To The Role Of CEO

#RaceOnTech: How An Early Love Of Math Led Her To The Rol...

This week, NPR's All Tech Considered is connecting with diverse innovators in tech and science. Kiverdi CEO Lisa Dyson discusses an early role model, her work and the need to bo...