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What is STEM?

STEM education refers to the interdisciplinary teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to build critical thinkers and problem solvers for the 21st century. For more information contact us.

In early 2012 WMHT convened several conversations with a diverse group of community stakeholders to discuss how to support the region’s efforts to advance STEM education for all students, to help prepare them for college and career success. Educators, business leaders, parents and community organizations agreed that enhancing STEM education is essential to our region’s sustainability and growth.

We asked participants: What do you need?

'Parents, students, teachers and career counselors need access to trusted sources of real-world information about STEM career pathways and choices.”

High school students need more information to make career choices.

PreK – 12 teachers need access to current resources and ongoing professional development to effectively integrate STEM across the curriculum.

Appealing resources are needed to engage students, to speak to their desire to make the world a better place.

There are significant gaps in gender and diversity in STEM-related courses and consequently, diverse role models are limited in STEM-related careers.

Jobs often go unfilled as a result of an underprepared workforce, lacking STEM-related skills.

We asked: What can WMHT do to help?

Educate our community about the many assets in our region and beyond.

Share stories of opportunities, success and impact. There are good careers in this region for people who have the necessary skills. There are multiple pathways, not a single pipeline.

We need a place that houses information for families, students, teachers and the general public.

We need to build awareness about resources and opportunites.

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