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Earth's Natural Wonders

Visit six continents to learn how these natural wonders evolved and hear rarely told stories about the challenges their inhabitants face.

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Earth's Natural Wonders

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Filmed on six continents in 12 languages, EARTH’S NATURAL WONDERS features stunning photography and daring cinematography. Among the stories told in the series:  a young Sherpa ropes a route across the notorious Khumbu Icefall in time for hundreds of foreign mountaineers who arrive for hunting season; fishermen near Zambia’s Victoria Falls brave crocodiles, elephants and the risk of being swept to certain death to reach exotic and plentiful fishing pools at the Falls’ edge; and a father and son who brave killer bees and man-eating tigers to find prized honey in Bangladesh’s Sundarbands, the largest mangrove forest in the world.




“Extreme Wonders” − Visit extreme locales, including Mount Everest’s Khumbu Icefall and its dangers to sherpas; the Grand Canyon, where conservationists try to ensure a condor chick’s survival; and the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, where farmers battle with elephants.


“Wonders of Water” − See wonders created by the grand and unpredictable power of water, including Victoria Falls, where men risk death to reach fishing pools; the Camargue, where man vs. bull; and ocean reefs, where a guardian seeks a manta ray to help save the species.


“Living Wonders” − The final episode tells the stories of wonders created by the force that makes our planet unique — life itself — and how these places test their inhabitants to the limit.

Earth's Natural Wonders

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Aired: 2015-11-04 12:00:00 0:30 Rating: TV-G

Visit six continents to explore extraordinary natural wonders. Airs 11/4