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Dr. Ruth’s Revving Up Your Romance

Revitalize relationships, ban the bedroom blahs and learn secrets for reigniting passion from the world-famous therapist.

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WMHT | Dr. Ruth's Revving Up Your Romance
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Dr. Ruth's Revving Up Your Romance

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With her characteristic frank, funny and warm delivery, world-famous therapist and relationship expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer shares her secrets for reigniting the passion in our lives and guides a live studio audience through the best way to handle the changes that can come with growing older. While some couples fall into a relationship rut and end up with a case of the bedroom blahs, many others enjoy the best romance of their lives in their later years.

Following the many tips and secrets Dr. Ruth shares can bring more passion, more thrills and more treasured intimate moments to relationships. Keeping romance active is an important part of making sure relationships are in good shape and Dr. Ruth reveals that the most important changes to make are attitude adjustments that anyone can do.


In the program, Dr. Ruth shares secrets on how to:

• Handle physical changes that occur through aging and keep them from derailing relationships

• Create positive communication with partners

• Manage relationship conflicts

• Make romance flourish in an “empty nest”

• Use the brain to turn up the intimacy in life

• Turn off jealousy by using fantasy properly

• Learn that it’s never too late to get more pleasure and spark out of life.


Dr. Ruth reveals how to build a strong foundation for romance, special tips for empty nesters, sure-fire ways to enhance any romantic relationship and so much more. Her amazing secrets will make sure that romance keeps burning as bright as possible, even well into the golden years.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is a psychosexual therapist who pioneered the field of media therapy. She has taught at N.Y.U. and Calhoun College at Yale University, as well as Butler College at Princeton University. She is a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine and in addition to having her own private practice, she frequently lectures at universities across the country and has twice been named “College Lecturer of the Year.” She is the author of over 35 books.

Learn secrets for reigniting passion from the world-famous therapist, Dr. Ruth.