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The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Doctor Lucien Blake discovers that things may not be exactly as they seem when he returns home to take over his father's medical practice.

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The Doctor Blake Mysteries

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Unusual methods, incredible results

Having returned from Singapore after being reunited with his daughter, Doctor Lucien Blake arrives back in Ballarat only to be faced with some of the most challenging crimes he’s ever had to unravel. He is also forced to say goodbye to some old friends and welcome some interesting newcomers into his life. Throughout the series, Blake is swiftly drawn into the world of rock and roll, local politics, the arts and the Catholic Church, among others. Blake is as cunning as ever as he cleverly untangles crimes to get to the truth. Again, nothing is sacred and no-one is safe.


The Heart of the Matter | Thursday, October 6 at 8pm
Dr Blake returns back home from China and is thrown straight into a murder investigation after the newly elected mayor of Ballarat is discovered dead at the bottom of the town hall steps.

The Food Of Love | Thursday, October 27 at 8pm
Doctor Blake must unravel the murder of an up-and-coming rock’n’roll star, after he collapses in front of his fans at a sell-out performance.

A Foreign Field | Thursday, November 3 at 8pm
Doctor Blake struggles to discover the identity of an unknown man and uncover the mystery of who may have killed him.


Smoke And Mirrors | Thursday, November 10 at 8pm
When a body plunges from the Colonists’ Club onto the street below, Blake is thrown into a case that takes him far beyond an accident or even a possible suicide.

Crossing The Line | Thursday, November 17 at 8pm
Cinema patrons are shocked when a fire breaks out in the projection booth during a packed screening of Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

Mortal Coil | TBA
When a second body is found in a coffin, Doctor Blake has to work out how it got there and who killed this unwanted guest and that’s just the start of it.

The Silence | TBA
When a Ballarat school Principal is found dead, Blake and Lawson find themselves back at the school where they first met as boys.

The Ties Of The Past | TBA
Art student and life model, Vanessa Mackay, is brutally killed and her keys are used to steal a painting from the Ballarat Art Gallery. But what is the real motive?

The Sky Is Empty | TBA
When the old parish priest is found dead, Doctor Blake needs to unravel the secrets and lies of parishioners in order to get to the truth.

An Invincible Summer | TBA
When members of a wealthy, much respected Ballarat family are discovered brutally murdered in their own home, the town demands justice.

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