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The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Doctor Lucien Blake discovers that things may not be exactly as they seem when he returns home to take over his father's medical practice.

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The Doctor Blake Mysteries

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In 1959, after decades away from his native Australia—studying medicine in Scotland, serving in World War II and living in China—Blake returns to his rural hometown to run his late father’s medical practice. But life does not remain peaceful for long, as the inquisitive and erudite Blake finds himself drawn into the quest to solve murders that confound local law enforcement.

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

When a Ballarat Boys College schoolboy-rower wins a race on Lake Wendouree, only to seemingly drown after being ceremonially tossed in the lake, Doctor Blake is called upon to try and determine just what happened to the boy.


Episode 2

Tragedy strikes when a local farmer is found dead at the bottom of a cow pen at the Ballarat Agricultural Fairgrounds. Locals blame livestock for accidentally trampling the man but Doctor Blake isn’t convinced. Why was the victim in the pen in the first place?


Episode 3

Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

It’s cracker night in Ballarat, and Mattie is present when spirited social worker Emma Keneally brings a small group of Aboriginal children from the local orphanage to enjoy the bonfire and the fireworks.


Episode 4

Tensions are stirred when police forcibly break up a group of students celebrating the Eureka stockade anniversary in Ballarat, Mattie amongst them. Later emotions soon spill over once again at the pub.


Episode 5

Famed Australian actress Jacqueline Maddern arrives in Ballarat for a one off performance at a charity dinner in the Colonists Club. Up on stage beside Jean she dazzles the crowd and then moment’s later collapses, dead.


Episode 6

A patient is rushed into Ballarat Hospital at dawn, urgently requiring a life-saving operation. Paramedics and doctors race into theatre… where they find one of their best surgeons already lying dead on the operating table, his throat cut.


Episode 7

When local business owner Henry King dies in suspicious circumstances at the Royal Hotel, Blake is assigned the case, along with the newly returned Chief Inspector Matthew Lawson.


Episode 8

When local magistrate Neville Franklin is found poisoned in his home, an enraged, unstable Edward Tyneman is found at the scene.

Blake and Lawson do their best to investigate the case, no thanks to Superintendent Munro who for reasons of his own is withholding evidence and not allowing other officers full access to the crime scene. And with the gloves now off with Blake and Lawson, he is looking for any excuse to fire them both.

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