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Diana | Her Story

The narrative of a shy young girl who stepped onto the world stage in 1980 and departed in 1997 as its most famous woman.

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Diana - Her Story

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DIANA HER STORY places the events of Diana’s life into historical context, revealing a nation hungry for what seemed to be a fairytale marriage between Charles and Diana. Further insight is provided through new in-depth interviews with those closest to Diana, including long-term trusted confidant James Colthurst, ballet teacher Anne Allan, private secretary Patrick Jephson and personal protection officer Ken Wharfe. The multi-layered and nuanced portrait of Diana that emerges is of a naïve teenage girl who ultimately transformed herself into someone the crown would fear as more popular than the monarchy itself.

Diana - Her Story

Diana - Her Story

Aired: 2017-08-22 12:00:00 54:34 Expires: 09/22/17 Rating: TV-PG

Twenty years after Princess Diana’s death, a new film reveals her story in her own words.