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How YOU can Help

*Find out your school's Homeless Liaison*

Data & Statistics on Homelessness


  • If you know (or suspect) a youth who may be in need of our services, please let him or her know help is available by calling 465-9524 or stopping by Equinox at 95 Central Avenue in Albany
  • Conduct a community drive to collect donated items needed by the Equinox’s youth (e.g. welcome bags with personal hygiene items, new socks and underwear for male and females, twin sheet sets, umbrellas)

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

  • Donate a meal—coordinate, buy, cook and serve here at the Albany Emergency Shelter
  • Coordinate and host a donation drive, pick any item from our wish list and see how much you can get donated.

Saint Anne’s Institute

  • Be more aware of the signs of potentially homeless youth and reach out to them by
    • Give them a number to call for help, whether it be a homeless outreach program, church or some other positive connection, so they can potentially get assistance, if they want to. 
    • Get involved and volunteer in the community but don’t have the attitude you can save the world because you cannot. 
    • It is also important to state that sometimes, a person is not ready to make changes right away (sometimes, not at all), so it is important for homeless youth to know they can depend on someone who will support them in every step of getting out of their situation, when they are ready to.

We want to try to help get homeless youth on the right track, in hopes of avoiding them turning into homeless adults.   

You can give a person the tools they need to make changes but ultimately, that person needs to take the steps to make the changes needed, in order to better their situation.  It may be frustrating to us sometimes when we see potential in someone who is making bad choices or has no ambition to make changes, but we have never failed when we extend our hand to someone and offer to be a safe and reliable person for them.

It is important to realize that everyone is in a situation for particular reasons, so being more empathetic to someone who is in a vulnerable and dangerous situation, rather than turning the other way and pretending like the person does not exist.   

More information can be found at http://stanneinstitute.com/how-to-help/