What are Community Conversations?

WMHT's Community Conversations are localized, small-group discussions where participants identify what they want for their community, what needs to change to reach those goals, and the challenges they face in moving change forward. WMHT’s role as co-facilitator is to assist with developing opportunities for this type of dialogue to occur and to better serve our evolving communities by informing our work with the diverse viewpoints, aspirations, and challenges that are shared.
For more information about community conversations, contact the WMHT Education Department or call (518) 880-3400.

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Community Conversations

Delaware Avenue Neighborhood in Albany

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Delaware Avenue Neighborhood in Albany
Community Conversation co-facilitator: 
Community Conversation co-facilitator:
Dahlia Herring,
Team Coordinator 
Capital Region Refugee Roundtable
(518) 434-6335

About the community:
This community conversation was sponsored by the Delaware Avenue Neighborhood Association (DANA), the Albany Office of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI Albany) and the Capital Region Refugee Roundtable.  

The Delaware Avenue Neighborhood Association is organized to protect and improve Delaware Avenue’s friendly, vibrant, diverse, walkable and convenient neighborhood.

USCRI Albany is dedicated to helping refugees build new lives in the Capital Region.

The Capital Region Refugee Roundtable is a group of volunteers and organizational representatives working to develop supportive programs and to build a welcoming community for refugees in New York State’s Capital Region.

People who attended the Community Conversation included people from Burma, Iraq, and Nepal and representatives from the library, a church, a local business and two schools. 

Learn more about the community: 

 USCRI Albany
 Delaware Avenue Neighborhood Association
• Capital Region Refugee Roundtable, contact Dahlia Herring

Themes from the conversation:

• Diversity, friendliness, safety, multi-lingual/cultural welcoming activities, connecting to resources in the neighborhood.

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