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Season 9 | Episode 2
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Season 9 | Episode 2

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'Pet Monkey' by Brianne Merkel
Happy couple TERRY and GWEN are spending a quiet night in, watching embarrassing home videos from the comfort of their couch. Between munching on popcorn and laughing at 70s fashion, Terry turns to his girlfriend and offers to buy her a monkey, something she is adamantly against. Frustrated that her boyfriend won’t accept no for an answer, Gwen locks herself in the bathroom to ease her nerves, as a now delusional Terry storms out into the night to cool off in his own strange way.
'No' by Micah Khan
A couple struggles for words in a difficult situation.
'Key Transitions' by Christopher Schiller
KEY TRANSITIONS explores the universal emotions felt when a sudden tragedy strikes a couple. Their lives are split in two, between the life they could have had but can no longer, and the life they now have to live.