This Summer, Dig Across America with PBS LearningMedia!

Posted by WMHT Web Editor

Explore the sights, sounds and history of the U.S.A. in celebration of the July 4th holiday! But, you’ll probably need a virtual tour guide, right?

Meet Wilson and Ditch, two funny, energetic and talkative gopher brothers who are in a van – an eco-powered one – driving around America. Wilson, the older brother, loves learning and teaching facts and reading about each new location. He drives the van while Ditch, the younger and more fun-seeking brother who loves to relax and eat, is the permanent passenger. These gopher brothers drive from city to city as tourists who learn the history, "actual facts" (as Wilson calls them), and fun facts of every new location. The brothers also love experiencing the usual touristy stuff as well as the unusual, obscure, and sometimes just plain weird sites each city has to offer. Join Wilson and Ditch on PBS LearningMedia and DIG AMERICA with them! (Grades: 1-4)

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