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Students Advocate for our Environment | WMHT
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Students Advocate for our Environment

Posted by WMHT Web Editor on

Watch your students make a difference in their community with this project highlighting how land is developed, protected and beautified where they live! This lesson can be used to expand on a science lesson or bring emphasis to other relevant subject areas such as communications, visual art, political science or digital technology.

This project prompts students to work together to create two artworks – or “Patchwork paintings” – that they can present to the Mayor or other city official with a message requesting responsible land development at a reception they organize. As the students develop their ideas and paint scenes of the natural spaces in their town that they would like to see preserved or improved, they begin to understand first-hand what it really means to work as a team, prepare for a public presentation, communicate clearly and manage a project.

Students are 100-percent responsible for the entire project — from setting a date that works for the Mayor, to securing a venue, to making the presentation. Students learn by doing! LESSON:


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