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Masterpiece | Great Expectations
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Masterpiece | Great Expectations

Posted by WMHT Web Editor on

Before summer turns to fall, make sure you add Charles Dicken's "Great Expectations" to your kids’ reading list! Then, use this lesson from PBS’s MASTERPIECE to compare and contrast the original text versus the film adaptation.


This video excerpt features the opening scene from the MASTERPIECE adaptation, where a man mysteriously emerges from a marsh to ominous music. The young boy, Pip, is shown briefly in a church graveyard, reading the sad gravestone of his parents and five brothers and sisters. Suddenly frightened, Pip runs off, but not to safety. Instead, he goes towards the marsh, right into the path of the hulking escaped convict Abel Magwitch, who is coated with grime and mud. Magwitch grabs Pip. "Scream again," Magwitch says to Pip, "and I’ll cut your throat." Gripping film-watching and reading! AND a classic for the end of summer.


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