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Kid Musician: Mexico's Guitar Town | WMHT
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Kid Musician: Mexico's Guitar Town

Posted by WMHT Web Editor

It’s officially summer; and you know what that means – outdoor festival season. Time to get outside and soak up all of the arts, music and culture there is to offer, whether that’s at home or out of town on summer vacation.

As seen in this ZOOM video segment from PBS Kids, Paracho, Mexico is one such city where music, culture and heritage are a major part of city life. Paracho is known for some of the best-sounding guitars in the world, plus they host a music festival every August. In this “guitar-crazy” town, they are known for the perfection of their musical craft.

Immerse your class in the local culture of Paracho and follow along with Andres, the young boy featured in the video, as he prepares for the citywide guitar competition and describes the practice and passion behind his beautiful musical performance. WATCH:

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