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How to Deal with a Tiggle or a Taggle | Odd Squad | WMHT
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How to Deal with a Tiggle or a Taggle | Odd Squad

Posted by WMHT Web Editor on

The week-long series of new episodes from PBS KIDS’ “Odd Squad” continues!

Each episode of “Odd Squad” includes two 11-minute cases in which the agents investigate weird and unusual phenomena around them – like the existence of Tiggles and Taggles – and use math to make things right or find out the answer. From recapturing a gallon-sized blob that has separated into smaller pieces, to dealing with a slew of unicorns, dinosaurs and wizards that have escaped from books, there is no occurrence that is too strange for the Odd Squad.

In this video segment, Oscar uses a chart – and some humor – to explain the similarities and differences between a Tiggle and a Taggle. WATCH:


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