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Homework Hotline Fall 2016 / Spring 2017
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Homework Hotline | Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

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Monday 09/26/16

Hosts:  Laura Drake and Donna Mineo

Art is not just something you hang on your wall; your clothes are art too! Tonight we head to Tiny Fish Printing to learn about printing on apparel.


Tuesday 09/27/16

Hosts: Donna Mineo and Craig Zaremba

We visit the Wildlife Defenders in Farmington, NY to learn about the four eyed opossum.


Wednesday 09/28/16

Hosts:  Sam Simpson and Craig Zaremba

We’ll take a closer look at how our state court system works tonight on Hotline.  


Thursday 09/29/16

Hosts: Joe Zuniga and Ed Hathaway
The Rochester Museum and Science Center is back tonight with an all new science experiment.  

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