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Build a Magnetic-Field Detector and Inspire a New Generation of Engineers!

Posted by WMHT Web Editor

Kids love treasure hunts! Here’s a fun, yet surprisingly practical summer project along those lines: Design and build a magnetic-field detector and use it to find hidden magnets with your students.

As they build their detectors, the kids use the engineering design process, apply a variety of science concepts, and learn how a planet’s or moon’s magnetic field gives NASA scientists insight into its structure and formation. It’s something  that your class can create using their own hands to  link to the greater cosmos!

Use this series of videos (http://to.pbs.org/1rImTqY) from Design Squad Nation and the accompanying toolkit, developed in collaboration with NASA, to stoke the creativity, curiosity and analytical thinking of your students, who are the engineers, scientists and astronauts of tomorrow! 

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