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Beat Making Lab

Posted by WMHT Web Editor on

Health Worker Beat Ina, a Senegalese student, takes a field trip to an Intrahealth hospital to make a beat.  

One of PBS LearningMedia’s best resources from 2014 features the globe-trotting “Beat Making Lab,” a PBS Digital Studios series that explores the inspiring musical mission of DJs Pierce Freelon and Stephan Levitin. The Beat Making Lab travels all around the world, sharing a love of electronic music with aspiring artists from developing countries. What’s inspiring is the team’s use of this emerging new genre to communicate ideas about history, culture, health and artistic expression.

Your students will learn about the process of digital music creation, the technology that makes beat-making possible and the amazing artists who are pioneering the electronic music revolution with this collection – it’s a wonderful way to engage the minds of youth in a current, compelling way. WATCH:


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