The Guilty
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Watch Sunday, October 25 - Sunday, November 8, 2015 on WMHT TV

THE GUILTY follows DCI Maggie Brand (Tasmin Greig) as she and fellow police detectives reopen the investigation of a four-year-old boy’s disappearance during a neighborhood cookout. Driven by her obsession to discover what happened to Callum Reid, Maggie stops at nothing to discover the truth. In the process, she puts her own family at risk.

Episode 1 | Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 10pm

Trail DCI Brand as she reopens a missing child case when a boy’s body is found. Five years earlier, the senior investigating officer in the child’s disappearance was forced to resign and the case has been on hold, leaving the family in limbo.

Episode 2 | Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 10pm

Follow DCI Brand’s deepening investigation. Frustrated by the case and concerned for her son and by tension at home, she unwittingly places herself in danger. She’s stunned when an unnerving confrontation leads to an unexpected confession.

Episode 3 | Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 10pm

Learn why DCI Brand, under pressure to charge her prime suspect, is still unconvinced they’ve found the killer. As she begins to piece together the child’s final hours, she finds her instinct as a mother at war with her desire to solve the crime.