Miss Marple | They Do It With Mirrors
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BBC Worldwide

Watch Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 2:30pm on WMHT-TV​

"There’s something quite unbalanced in all this. Something wilful and really mad, in a hidden way"

Why is Ruth van Rydock worried about her sister? To reassure her old friend, Miss Marple agrees to go down to Stonygates, the rambling country mansion where Carrie-Louise lives with her third husband, Lewis Serrocold. There she finds herself in the midst of a bizarre ménage – an extended family and a reformatory for young criminals – where violence seems just below the surface. Shots are fired in a darkened room, but the victim is discovered elsewhere. Miss Marple soon deduces the identity of the killer but not how it was done – until she discovers Inspector Slack’s secret hobby