Austin City Limits | Radiohead
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Watch Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 11pm on WMHT TV.

 The groundbreaking PBS television series Austin City Limits (ACL), showcases a rare, full-hour performance from iconic British band Radiohead. The episode marks Radiohead's long awaited and unforgettable debut appearance, taking to the ACL stage for the first time.

“Hi, we're Radiohead, we're pleased to meet you,” says the band's Thom Yorke by way of a greeting in their ACL debut. Taped in Austin before a concert audience at ACL's new home, The Moody Theater, the episode features an epic hour of music from one of the world's most acclaimed bands.

Drawing largely from their last three albums, TheKingofLimbs, InRainbows and HailtotheThief, and also touching on classics from KidA and OKComputeras well as the odd obscure B side and rare andunreleased tracks, Radiohead blazes through some of their most daring material in a masterful eleven-song performance.

As the single most celebrated and influential alternative rock act of the past two decades, Radiohead’s musical legacy is undisputed. The band’s ACL set is a prime example of how its progressive sound and experimental structures have come to define them as masters of innovation in modern rock music, and nowhere is this more evident than in their peerless live show.

“As if there was any doubt, this rare full-hour performance by one of the most adventurous bands in rock music was well worth the wait,” says Terry Lickona, Executive Producer of Austin CityLimits. “Thom Yorke and the boys are on top of their game, and their exuberance on stage really comes across. They continue to amaze, whether it’s with an old classic, a new twist or an obscure track all butforgotten.”



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