Tech Valley Summer Camp

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Tech Valley Summer Camp

Students at Tech Valley Summer Camp visited the WMHT Studios Thursday, July 11, 2013 and reported on their exciting week! They were fortunate enough to have traveled to GE Global, the Cancer Research Center at SUNY and many other locations this week. We were the penultimate stop of the Camp. When the students arrived, they broke up to small groups and tacked writing a piece about specific parts of their week. The topics ranged from “ferro fluids” to “3D printing.” The students had to collaborate in writing their text, format it in a .txt file (which many had never used before), and add it to the teleprompter. The groups then spent two hours reading their scripts in front of the camera, with images from their week behind them on the green screen, and their best takes were compiled in to a 16 minute video. On Friday, the students held their graduation ceremony (with cake!) at the Albany International Airport at the 3rd floor observation deck. The space was beautiful and there was an art exhibit throughout the area (“Some Assembly Required”). We wish them luck in their future lives and careers! 

Look through the photo album of their visit.

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