Tobi Saulnier

Tobi Saulnier

Dr. Tobi Saulnier is the CEO and founder of 1st Playable Productions, a game development studio whose mission is to make games that will entertain, educate, and leave a positive lasting impression. As a certified B corporation, the company not only creates educational games, but also actively seeks to positively impact the community through initiatives such as the annual Games in Education Symposium, which has served over 1000 educators over the eight years of its existence. Tobi is active in supporting educational organizations and has previously served as President of the Board of the Woodland Hill Montessori School, Chair of the International Game Developer Association, and currently serves on boards including the Emma Willard School and the Museum of Innovation and Science (miSci). 

1st Playable Productions

Games in Education Symposium

Learn more about STEAM in New York. Check out the New York STEAM Girls Collaborative

City FarmBeyond being a Game Developer, Tobi is a farmer.In this interactive game from WGBH, players learn about sustainable practices by growing crops, protecting them against unforeseen problems, and determining how best to conserve resources. How do you think STEM relates to farming? (Gr. 5 – 10).

Developers create games that connect content (or curriculum) to engaging narratives.Check out the PBS KIDS LAB games. Hover over skills and drop down to “Storytelling for a number of excellent adventures” (Ages 3 – 8)This Playspace game is a great example.

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