Uptown Summer Youth Employment Program, North Troy Environmental Education ConsortiumUptown Summer Youth Employment Program, North Troy Environmental Consortium

Program Summary:
The Uptown Summer Youth Employment Program is a grassroots collaborative effort, of the North Troy environment Education Consortium to provide out-of-school student support and opportunities to students in the City of Troy. The Consortium is comprised of four organizations: Troy Bike Rescue, Missing Link Street Ministries, Collard City Growers, and the Youth Media Sanctuary. 

The organizations run a five-week Uptown Summer Youth Employment Program in North Central Troy, staffed by youth participants in Rensselaer County's Summer Youth Employment Program living in the North Troy neighborhood.  "Uptown Summer" is an extension of the missions held by these organizations to engage youth in community-based education and services including bicycle maintenance and safety, urban gardening, media creation, and making and serving nutritious food.  In addition to learning and practicing these skills for community resiliency, participants hone interpersonal and job skills and develop meaningful connections in their community, as well as supportive relationships with adults and peers. 
Target Population Served by the Program:
High school aged youth in the City of Troy
 Ways that You can Support the Work of this Program:

Contact any organization to learn more about how you can support their work. View photos and examples of youth media created through the Uptown Summer Youth Employment Program on the Media Sanctuary website and Media Sanctuary's You Tube channel.

Consortium Partner Contact Information:
Collard City Growers
Abby Lublin

Youth Media Sanctuary
Branda Miller, Arts and Education Coordinator

Missing Link Street Ministries
Pastor Willie D. Bacote

Troy Bike Rescue