Tamarac Elementary Pre-K Program, Brunswick (Brittonkill) Central SchoolsTamarac Elementary Pre-K Program, Brunswick (Brittonkill) Central Schools

Contact Information:
Barb Baker | (518) 279-4600 x1001
Program Summary:
This program screens all children who are of Pre-K age using the Dial-4 and accepts the 20 lowest scoring children. They run a full day program that focus’ on language, motor and concepts needed in Kindergarten. The curriculum is based on NYS standard. Parental involvement is encouraged.
Target Population Served by the Program:
This program was designed to provide a vehicle for those children who come to school behind their peers and opportunity to catch up and enter Kindergarten on a level playing field.
 Ways that You can Support the Work of this Program:
This program has opportunities for people to donate via the program web page. The items under the wish list are updated on a regular basis. They also need volunteers to come in and read to the children. For more information visit them online.