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WMHT Production Services

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WMHT's digital facility was designed to meet the industry's growing video and audio production needs. Our professional production services team can work with you on any multimedia project, from conception to completion. Whether you're producing a commercial or filming a documentary, we can help. For more, watch our video or contact us to find out what we can do for you. Learn more about our services below:

• About Facilities and Services
• Studios A and B
• Television Production Audio
• Duplication for DVDs, CDs or Videotapes
• Editing
• Field Production
• Audio and Video Production Control Rooms
• Live Streaming
• View a Partial List of Our Clients
• Rental Policy

Facilities and Services

Studio A - 60' x 60'

Available for rental by the hour (with a four hour minimum), WMHT's Studio A production services include a control room, set and lighting, rehearsal space, as well as space for meetings and teleconferences. The studio includes:

• 18’ grid
• ETC Impression computerized lighting control – 350 channel capacity
• Corner hard cyclorama (24’ x 24’ x 18’)
• Traveling gray cyc or black velour curtains
• 5 Ikegami HDK77EC cameras
• 4 Canon DigiSuper 22 studio lenses
• 1  13x ENG lens
• Stanton Jimmy Jib (24’ max. reach) with Dutch head, pneumatic tires and dolly track
• 3 Autoscript 19” teleprompters with 15” video confidence monitors
Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Studio B - 60' x 40'

Available for rental by the hour (with a four hour minimum), WMHT's Studio B production services include a control room, set and lighting, rehearsal space, as well as space for meetings and teleconferences. The studio includes:

• 18’grid
• ETC Impression computerized lighting control – 250 channel capacity
• Traveling  gray cyc or black velour curtains
• 20’ chroma key green curtain
• cameras ,lenses,  jib and teleprompters move from studio to studio
• 5 fully lit standing sets, complete with sets for one-on-one interviews, small table for up to three  people, and a discussion table that accommodates a moderator and up to 5 people
Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Television Production Audio for Studios A and B

We specialize in voice work, and have the facilities that you need, including:

• Euphonix 16 track Digital mixing console
• DigiCart music/effects record/play unit
• CD record/play unit
• Reverb
• Gentner phone hybrid 
• 10 wireless lavelier microphones
• 4 wireless hand mics
• 4 wireless IFB’s
• multiple hard wired  mics
Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Production Control Room for Studios A & B

WMHT's video production control room features:

• Ross Vision 3 HD production switcher with internal still-store
• Chyron PRIME HX, HD graphics platform – 2 channel still/clip-store (Full motion audio/video storage/playback), 2 channel CG, and PRIME Designer
• 4 channel IFB
• RTS intercom in all rooms

Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.


Media Duplication Services

Our DVD and CD duplication services include mastering, authoring, duplication, full color label printing and packaging. WMHT has the following videotape formats available, HDCAM, Digi Beta, DVCAM, Beta SX, Beta SP and 1”. Call (518) 880-3440 for a quote or email us. Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Non Linear Video Editing

• 6 High End Adobe Premiere Pro edit rooms with HP Z840 workstations with Intel Xeon 12 core processing and 32GB RAM
• AJA Kona LHI IO for base band video input and output
• Dedicated 75 TB Editshare Video Server system and LTO 6 archive library
• Dedicated Digital Transfer station for multi Gigabyte file transfers to editing SAN
• Adobe Production Premium Suite
Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Field Production

Need work done outside of the studio? Our package includes:

• Sony PMW 400 HD cameras with 22x lenses
• Canon c300 with full rigging and assorted lenses
• Canon 6D camera and lenses
• Sachtler Tripods
• HD field monitors
• Arriflex and Lowell lighting kits
• Kobold 200w and 400w HMI lights
• Sennheiser & EV microphones
• Sure FP33 mixers
• Matthews grip equipment: stands, flags, boxes, etc.
• Matthews doorway dolly
• Anton Bauer batteries
Call (518) 880-3440 for quote, or e-mail us.

Live Streaming

Stream your program locally, across the country, or around the world from WMHT's studios with Livestream's high-quality real-time video streaming.


Some of WMHT’s production services clients include: Inky Dinky Worldwide Productions, PBS, American Public Television, Cine-Med, Working Pictures, NYS Office for People with  Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), University at Albany, University at Albany Law School, University at Albany School of Public Health, University at Albany Department of Media Production,

Rental Policy

Other than normal wear and tear, the customer is liable for any loss or damage to equipment. These standards are set solely by WMHT Educational Telecommunications. WMHT may require the customer to be responsible for insuring the rental equipment. If insurance is required, WMHT must be provided an insurance certificate naming WMHT Educational Telecommunications as "Additionally Insured" for $1,000,000 liability, and "Loss-Payee" for the appropriate amount (i.e., the new replacement value of the equipment being rented) on the Miscellaneous Equipment endorsement. This policy has been in effect since September 1, 2005, and remains in effect today.

Board Meetings:

Below are the dates for the 2019 Board Meetings.

  • Thursday, January 17, 4pm

  • Thursday, March 14, 4pm

  • Thursday, May 9, 4pm

  • Thursday, June 13, 4pm

  • Thursday, September 19, 4pm

  • Thursday, November 21 Annual Meeting, 4pm

All board meetings are located at 4 Global View, Troy, NY 12180


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