WMHT Staff Listing

• Administration

Robert Altman: President and CEO
Robert Altman

Valerie Belden: Executive Assistant to the President and Volunteer Coordinator
Devan Schermerhorn: Receptionist

• Business

Marie McGowty: Payroll and General Accounting Coordinator
Yvette Mitchell: Accounts Payable Coordinator
Julie Raskin: Vice President of Finance and Accounting

• Communications

Mary Gribulis: Interactive Media Director
Mary Gribulis

Joe Landor: Interactive Media Assistant
Danielle Sanzone: Social Media Coordinator

• Corporate Support

Kathy Beam: Director of Corporate Support
Jan Conti: Senior Corporate Support Representative
Mary Ann Cooper: Corporate Support Representative
Jim Lamar: Corporate Support Representative

• Development

Sandra Beer: Manager of Leadership and Planned Giving
Sandra Beer

Ainsley Harris: Development Assistant
Scott Sauer: Executive Vice President
Scott Sauer

• Education Activities

Jennifer Baumstein: Community Engagement Coordinator
Katherine Jetter: Vice President, Education
Katherine Jetter

Barbara Lukas: Family Learning Services Coordinator
Barbara Lukas

• Engineering

Bob Cummings: Chief Engineer
Kevin Quick: Assistant Chief Engineer
Cuong Le: Electronics Technician

• Membership

Keren Carmeli: Membership Fulfillment Coordinator
Joanne Shay: Director of Data Management
Joanne Shay

Sharon Sleicher: Director of Member Development
Lynn Valentino: Membership Services Team Leader


Brian Savacool: Computer Help Desk Technician

• Operations

Mickey Danaher: Building and Grounds
Ron McGowty: Manager of Building and Grounds

• Radio

Rob Brown: Radio Music Director
David Delaney: Radio Producer
Katie Gorham: Radio Operations Assistant
Katie Gorham

Chris Wienk: Vice President, Radio
Chris Wienk

Bill Winans: Operations Manager


Joyce Stah: RISE Manager
Joyce Stah

• Television

Bruce Cole: TV Editor/Production Engineer
Katie Derico: Production Assistant
Joanne Durfee: Senior Producer/Director
Dominick Figliomeni: Production Manager
Jenna Flanagan: Reporter
Brian Flynn: Crewperson/Editor
Tony Grocki: Producer/Director
Tony Grocki

Ezekiel Kubisch: Associate Producer
Kyle Malyska: Broadcast Specialist
Keva Roberts: TV Traffic Specialist
Jayne Robinson: TV Traffic Operations Manager
Justin Rockenstyre: Production Engineer
Matt Rogowicz: Associate Producer
Matthew Ryan: Producer/Reporter
Tim Stah: TV Promotions Producer
Nicole Van Slyke: Producer/Director
Kurt Warner: Studio Director/Producer

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